Board of Directors

The Swiss Better Gold Association is led by its Board of Directors and run by its Secretary General. 

The Association's Board of Directors is elected every two years by the members’ General Assembly. The position of the Swiss Better Gold Association's president is held by one of the Board members' for a period of two years. 


Olivier Demierre, MKS Pamp
Olivier Demierre
Senior Vice President Corporate Social Responsibility
Anouchka Didier-Mansour
Anouchka Didier-Mansour
International Sustainability Director
Maison Cartier
Pauline Evequoz, Chopard
Pauline Evequoz
Head of Corporate Sustainability
Leigh Pezzicara, La Prairie Group
Leigh Pezzicara
VP Sustainability
La Prairie
Philippe Fornier - Swiss Better Gold Association
Philippe Fornier
Honorary Board member
Swiss Better Gold Initiative
Christian Hofer - Raiffeisen
Christian Hofer
Head Sustainability, Political Affairs & Cooperative
Raiffeisen Switzerland
Melchior de Muralt
Melchior de Muralt
Managing Partner
de Pury Pictet Turrettini
Jose Ramon Camino, Metalor
Jose Ramon Camino
Group General Counsel
Metalor Group
Diana Culillas, Swiss Better Gold Association
Diana Culillas
CEO & Secretary General
Swiss Better Gold Association
Léo Daguet - LVMH Watches & Jewelry
Léo Daguet
Chief Sustainability Officer
LVMH Watches & Jewelry